up coming

June 9th clearwater yacht club ( Lady DarJuxena)
June 15th girl scouts(DJ)
June 17th private gig ( DJ)
June 18 private gig ( DJ)
June 19 CLearwater learning center non fire  ( DJ & troupe)
June 22nd girl scouts  (DJ)
June 23rd fairy faire sarasota
jun 24th private bday beach ( DJ & Mayhem)
June 29th girl scouts (DJ) 730 pm
June 29th private bday seminole ( DJ) 9pm
July 6 girl scouts fire show  ( DJ)
July 13th girl scouts
July 20th girl scouts (DJ)
July 22nd - Under the sea II  1pm to 3pm
               MAd Flames medieval fire show
July 27th girl scouts (DJ)
August 3rd girl scouts (DJ)